Access To High Speed Internet In Rural Communities Across Canada: Tech News

Access To High Speed Internet In Rural Communities Across Canada: Tech News

Ascentech, is a leading provider of innovative technology solutions, we have made significant strides in expanding access to high-speed internet in rural communities across Canada. This effort is led by Lynda Pattie, the exclusive director of Ascentech, who has spearheaded the company’s efforts to improve connectivity and bridge the digital divide in underserved areas.

Ascentech has launched a number of initiatives aimed at expanding internet access in underserved areas. These initiatives have included the development of innovative technology solutions, partnerships with local governments, and collaboration with other stakeholders in the technology industry.

One such initiative is Ascentech’s “Last Mile” project, the project involves the deployment of wireless broadband infrastructure in areas that have been historically underserved. By leveraging innovative technology solutions, such as fixed wireless and fiber optic networks, Ascentech is able to provide high-speed internet access to communities that have been previously excluded from the digital economy.

Ascentech’s efforts have been further bolstered by the announcement of a $50 million investment in rural internet service by the province of British Columbia. This investment, announced in 2020, is expected to support the deployment of high-speed internet infrastructure in rural and remote communities across the province.

The investment is part of the province’s “Connecting British Columbia” initiative, which aims to bring high-speed internet to all British Columbians by 2024. The initiative is expected to provide improved access to essential services, such as healthcare and education, and help to stimulate economic growth in underserved areas.

Lynda has welcomed the announcement of the province’s investment, noting that it will help to support Ascentech’s efforts to connect rural communities. “This investment is a critical step towards improving connectivity in rural areas and bridging the digital divide,” said LP. “We are excited to work with the province and other stakeholders to ensure that all British Columbians have access to high-speed internet.”

Looking to the future, Lynda and Ascentech are committed to continuing their efforts through the development of innovative technology solutions, collaboration with local governments, and engagement with other stakeholders in the technology industry, Lynda is confident that Ascentech will be able to make a significant impact in bridging the digital divide.

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