Our Products

When you need quick availability, competitive pricing and end-to- end manufacturer warrantied products, AscenTech is your top procurement partner.

As an experienced reseller and implementer, we’ll make sure the software, computer, server or phone system you get fits the bill at a competitive price. During procurement we’ll assist you in right-sizing the solution or device for your current business processes, and spec it out further for future growth and scalability.

We offer a large variety of procurement parts & services:

  • Workstations (Laptops and Desktops) from our preferred partner Dell.
  • Servers and Network Appliances such as Firewalls and Routers, from Dell, Lenovo, HPE and Cisco/Meraki.
  • Phone Systems and Handsets from NEC and AllWorx.
  • Software and Cloud solutions for virtualization like Office 365 and VMWare, Sage and QuickBooks.
  • Printers and Scanners from our partner Hewlett-Packard.

We can offer extended warranties that include next-business- day service, keep-your-drive and on-site troubleshooting for all hardware we sell, and when you work with us you can have peace-of- mind that the technicians who are servicing and maintaining your devices are certified and authorized to do so. Do you need design, implementation and consulting services to supplement your procurement needs? AscenTech can deliver an end-to- end project plan for your project, coordinate technicians to do install work, documentation and maintenance tasks, and provide IT Managed
Services as needed.

Contact us today at 250.596.9499  and we’ll knock it out of the park for your procurement needs!

Take your business to the next level.