MicroAge Prince George is now part of the AscenTech Group of Companies.   As part of this change, all of our Managed I.T. Services and HelpDesk Solutions will be provided through MicroAge Prince George moving forward.

Network Security

Keeping you and your data safe from external threats

IT Security and Protection from AscenTech Solutions

Your data needs protection, it’s valuable and you want to keep it confidential. Network Security solutions from AscenTech are designed to keep your business data in your business systems, and to the people who should have access to it. From the deployment of next-generation firewalls, end-to-end encrypted backups and best-of- breed antivirus and spam filtering, AscenTech can deploy the right solution for your business.

Rest Easy, We Have Your Back.

AscenTech’s IT Security and Protection services are designed to be pro-active and leverage monitoring and automation to ensure your business is always being protected at all times. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that we’re always in the background blocking threats and protecting your data. We make sure to keep up to date on the latest security developments, patching your hardware and software systems to harden them and always make sure that your corporate security policy doesn’t affect how you and your employees work in your day to day tasks.

We offer a variety of security solutions and ongoing support to ensure your network is always protected, no matter how sophisticated the threat. We take the worry away from the less Technical Savvy by breaking down our solution to a level you can understand.

Peace of Mind without the Hassle

Entrusting your network security to AscenTech Solutions means your business will be working with the best suited solution, but allows us to also manage all monitoring and traffic. With a knowledgeable and experienced team making decisions based on data from network traffic monitors, and by deploying our robust managed antivirus and anti-spam software you can rest easy knowing that your digital assets are protected, and that software renewals and ongoing system maintenance are covered. Plus, ensuring network security is a vital prerequisite for any disaster prevention and recovery strategy.

Security for Every Network

Regardless of whether you’re working on private or public access networks, or proprietary intranets, AscenTech Solutions will determine and implement the network solution that’s best for your business security needs. Then, through careful network monitoring, wel ensure that the security solution we provide continues to be the most relevant, not only for your business changing operations, but also to keep up with digital security threats that are constantly adapting.

To learn more about our security solutions and how your business will benefit from continuous traffic monitoring and properly implemented firewalls, antivirus or anti-spam, and other security systems, please call us 250.596.9499

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