Disaster Recovery & Online Backup

Peace of mind about your data and technology

Your most important IT asset is your data. AscenTech can protect your data by designing and implementing robust backup solutions, and business continuity processes to harden your business against data loss. We employ a three-tier model for data redundancy and provide periodic restoration testing and verification for our managed service clients. As part of your business’ IT strategy plan, we’ll design and integrate business continuity processes that align with your disaster recovery processes to facilitate a robust and effective way to deal with losses that can occur due to fire, earthquakes or human error.

Backup Services

Your data is critical to the day to day operation of your business. AscenTech can manage all of your business backup and restoration needs. We’ll assist you in determining which of your applications folders need backup, determine, deploy and configure storage devices, create backup schedules and schedule periodic restoration testing to verify your data is being correctly backed up.

On-Premise and Off-Premise Backup

A complete end-to- end backup solution requires securing your backup data with encryption, uploading daily backups to on-premise storage and to off-premise storage. AscenTech uses cutting edge deduplicated and differential backup software which efficiently completes nightly backups to on-premise and off-premise storage locations and provides nightly reports about those backups. The result is a highly tuned, scalable backup solution that encrypts and replicates your data to multiple locations for redundancy.

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

AscenTech can design Disaster Recovery / Business Continuity plans for any sized organization that needs a strategic and comprehensive plan to survive fire, earthquakes or any other acts of nature. By enabling turn-key virtualized servers in the cloud, using quick backup restores and having redundant backup locations your business can continue to operate and function during a service affecting disaster, allowing you time to work with your insurance provider to restore services and infrastructure, while still serving your clients.

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